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At the present time I am not taking orders on instruments.  Instrument building has
become a hobby for me, and I just haven't the time to devote to it the way that I have in
the past nor able to provide the level of customer service that comes with having a custom
instrument constructed.   I have found that I have struggled in the past with meeting
deadlines, even though I clearly stated that building was a part time venture, and it seems
to have caused more problems than not.  If you are interested in an instrument then
please feel free to contact me to see what is in the works.  I will try to keep my
shop page
for sale page up to date with available projects and I'd encourage you to contact me
with any questions or inquires.  I will also be listing my instruments with a few select
dealers and will include their contact info with the instrument listing on my
 for sale page .  
I appreciate your understanding.

Andrew Jerman