Spec Instruments: Spec instruments are priced on a case to case basis and allow little if
any customization.  Instruments built on spec will be advertised on the
For Sale page as they
become available.

Terms:   At the point that we reach an agreement, and you want to be placed on
my build list, I will require a $100 non-refundable deposit and the balance due prior to
shipping.  You will have a three day approval period, and if you aren't happy with the
instrument then you can return it for a full refund less the cost of shipping.  It will be your
responsibility to notify me in the event that you change your contact information.

Please note that I do not build instruments full time for a living.  As such, the time spent in my shop
working on instruments is dictated by the more important obligations in my life such as my family,
my job and various recreational activities to keep me healthy.  As such, I will try my best to meet
your deadline but when it comes down to it and I have to choose between getting an instrument
done and spending time with my family then my family will come first.  I try to maintain good
communication with my customers to keep them up to date on the progress of their instruments
and will post photos from time to time on the
Shop section of my website.  

Sample purchase agreement HERE.
Electric Mandolins
K Series
G Series
SC Series
I offer each series of instrument in three different construction methods.  The
instruments pictured are just examples of those styles.  Materials, colors and
construction will vary between instruments.  See the archive page for color

Solid Body- These instruments are exactly that. Solid wood with a veneer or
drop top.  These are usually visually distinguishable by the fact that they
have a pickup ring and jack plate.  These will be the heaviest of the three
construction styles and have the fewest options.

Semi-hollow- These instruments are typically constructed from a solid, slab
body with a drop top.  They differentiate from solid bodies because a portion
of the body is hollowed out to reduce weight and allow for the pickup to be
installed from the cavity so there isn't a pickup ring.

Hollow body- These instruments have the interior removed to create a
frame(see below).  There is typically a 1" wall thickness around the perimeter
that is reduced once the sides are shaped.  A strip is left down the middle to
support the bridge.  This process is used to create a lighter instrument.  
These instruments also have bookmatched tops and backs along with the
control cavity cover being cut with a laser from the back, so it matches the
grain.  These are the highest quality of craftsmanship from my shop

All electric mandolins are offered in 4, 5 or 8 string.   
Mandolin Scales: 13.875" or 14.5"
Octave Scale: 21"
Baritone Scale: TBD
Tenor Guitar Scale: 23"
Standard Guitar Scale: 24.75"

Available Upgrades Include:
Hardware finish        
Custom scale lengths
Various figures and species of wood
Custom inlay and binding
Custom electronics packages
Custom body shapes
Hard or soft cases
Email for more info

Base Pricing:  
Solid Body Instruments
4 String $600  5 and 8 String $650
Semi-Hollow Instruments
4 String $700 5 and 8 String $750
Hollow Body instruments
4 string $850  5 and 8 string $885

Base pricing represents a mandolin sized instrument.  Larger instruments will
be quoted using the base price plus a "scale upgrade" which will take in to
consideration larger bodies, longer scale and more appropriate hardware.  

Order Process:  
Email me and we will discuss the details of the build. I will then send you a
contract outlining the specifics of the instrument along with a build time line.  
Upon agreement of the contract, I may require a $100 non-refundable
deposit before I commence.   Communication is key and I will do everything I
can to communicate with you as the build progresses and may send you
photos from time to time.  Final payment is due upon completion of the build
prior to the instrument being shipped.  I provide a 72 hour approval process
from the time that you receive the instrument.  If you are not happy for any
reason then return the instrument, shipping  at your cost, and I will refund
your payment less the cost of the original shipping.  

Autumn Leaves performed by Alex Heflin on a semi-hollow K Series.