Tonewood Sale
I am cleaning some material and other items out of my shop.  All the spruce listed is
Adirondack that was cut between 2002 and 2005.  The white maple was cut in 2005.  I
have bracing wood available. If you need additional photos or have questions then
email me. Prices don't include shipping.  Cutting, ripping, resawing and sanding
are available at $35.00 an hour billed in increments of 1/2 hour.  I will cut longer boards
and sell portions.   If you don't see what you want, I have a 4' stack of red spruce and
several hundred board feet of maple. Payment can be made via paypal.
Adirondack red spruce tops.  Sizes average 6.5" to8"W x 23"L x .25"T
All tops are perfectly quartered with very little to no grain run out. 10-18 grains per inch with varying
uniformity across board.  Some tops have coloring to them as well as a few knots.  These are ideal for
parlor guitars, ukuleles or flat top mandolins.   I can fit six tops in a USPS flat rate box($16.50).  Bracing is
Email for pricing.

I do ship spruce overseas.  International flat rate runs about $80.00
Other Woodworking Projects
Force 5 sailboat parts
-Mahogany daggerboard(pictured)
   -Glued up blank or single board
   -Meets class specs
   -hand hold different than pictured

-Mahogany Rudders
   -Solid mahogany
   -meet class specs

Solid Wood Tillers
   -Meet class specs